Open your doors to the online world!

Get a piece of the iGaming boom through Vivo

Vivo Gaming is offering land-based casinos the magnificent opportunity to increase their revenue; all their current customers can visit their favorite casino by going online from any PC or mobile device while playing live tables from anywhere. Players will feel as if they were physically inside the real casino!

Land-based casinos can now use the internet as a source of player acquisition, player retention, and brand expansion. In order to fully benefit from gaming today, and to survive the online economy, casinos must focus a significant amount of their efforts on online gaming. Often, implementing this sort of online strategy can result costly and complicated for small operators trying to expand their business. Vivo’s purpose is to facilitate this process for the operators

Embrace the web as a source of endless new players, revenue, and retention…

Vivo Gaming understands that players prefer to play at recognizable and prestigious casino brands. By opening the land-based casino doors to the global player in a secure and engaging online setting, players will finally get what they want…The real gaming experience!

Limitless solutions!

Using Vivo Gaming solutions, both your existing and new customers can join and play live casino games from the comfort of their home, hotel room or any other connected location. Our flexible live casino platform can help you replicate not only the look and feel of your existing casino online, but also the complete brand experience. This comprehensive online customer experience incorporates everything from branded tables to appropriate attired professional dealers interacting with customers in real time and in the language of their choice.

Key benefits for land-based casino operators:

Increased revenue from existing customer accounts.

Renewal of customer accounts

Capability to attract new categories of customers.

Drawing high rollers in to play their trusted brand names.

Opportunity to increase player lifetime value by a factor of four.

Ability to extend your brand online with personalized and localized dedicated tables and environments.

VIVO technology opens a worldwide window to your casino gaming floor!

Vivo’s goal is to give land-based casinos the ability to tap into the multi-billion-dollar online gaming opportunity. We want to offer the existing iGaming operators with a highly attractive extension that includes multiple global feeds from land-based casinos.

“Many elements will contribute to the next generation of Gaming; however, none more serious than the inevitable contribution of the land- based Industry.”


BetAccess is our core product which provides land-based casinos with all the necessary tools and resources to embrace the web as a source of players and revenues. BetAccess is an end-to-end solution that includes technology, operation, and marketing services relating to the installment and delivery of any live gaming platform.

BetAccess InResort

BetAccess InResort is similar to BetAccess, it utilizes tablet devices for deployment within and throughout the casino environment. Todays casinos are huge entertainment facilities, BetAccess InResort enables Vivo clients to expand their gaming floor by providing live game playing anywhere in the casino complex via WiFi connectivity.